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Spiritual questions answered by HH Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

Q. Why should one have a Guru?

A. Devotion and Wisdom are not entities that can be comprehended or acquired by the use of one’s intellect. It is beyond that. If we enter a house where a death has occurred, an indescribable sadness grips us automatically. If we visit a place where a joyful celebration is in progress, the waves of happiness prevalent there are infectious. Like wise, we need to be in the company of those great souls who are ever immersed in devotion to nurture the same within us. Guru is the one whose company arouses the urge to realize God within every one of us.

Q. Why is it customary to exchange Betel leaves on important occasions? Why do we offer betel leaves to God during worship?

A. Every betel leaf has an innate quality that we may not be aware of. There is a herb known as ‘Pathala Bhairavi’ which can nurture enmity between two individuals. There are herbs that can transform Iron into Gold. Some herbs can bestow wealth. We even find descriptions about herbs that can make a man disappear. Likewise, betel leaves possess the unique property of nurturing love between two persons. In those days, betel leaves were exchanged at the time of registrations, engagements and weddings as a sign of love and trust. It is believed that relationships such as Husband-wife, devotee-God are fortified by betel leaves. This explains why betel leaves constitute an integral part of worship. In fact, a monk who has renounced all worldly relationship is forbidden from taking betel leaves because he should not develop worldly attachment or bondage.

Q. Why can’t we say that Vedas were authored by people? (Contrary to the fact that they originated from God)

A. If we say that Vedas were written by man, it would amount to confining them to the limit of the human intellect. But the content of the Vedas are way beyond the realm of human Intellect. Therefore it would not be correct to say that they were authored by Man.

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