2020 Bay Area Summer Sessions


Learn the timeless treasures of Indian scriptures and traditions through sloka, stories, presentations, fun quizzes, etc

Dates: Jun 15-Jul 17

For all age groups!


Mondays @ 1.30 PM PST- Hari Katha. Register here

Tuesdays @ 1.30 PM PST- Sloka/Bhajans. Register here

Wednesdays @ 1.30 PM PST – Sampradaya Bhajans. Register here

Thursdays @ 1.30 PM PST – Stories from our scriptures. Register here

Fridays @ 1.30 PM PST – Traditional Treasures. Register here


1. Stories from scriptures – aimed for beginner audience. Aimed for younger audience (5-10 years). Older kids may join if interested. Register here

2. Sloka – Aditya Hridayam with meaning. This is also aimed for beginner audience. Aimed for younger audience (5-10 years). Older kids may join if interested. Register here

3. Hari Katha – Learn this ancient form of narrating spiritual stories with sloka, songs, etc. Bhakta Charitram will be covered. Kids capable of narrating 15-20 minutes can sign up. Ideally for kids aged 9 and above. At the end of 5 weeks, kids will present a 15 minute Hari Katha. Register here

4. Sampradaya Bhajan – Exposure to this ancient tradition, the idea and structure, songs involved, etc. Songs that will be taught: Thodaya Mangala, Guru kirtan. Time permitting 1st Ashtapathi. Kids need to have basic music knowledge. Register here

5. Traditional treasures– Timeless wisdom and treasures of ancient India. Topics like science and tech, ancient Indian architecture, food and mind, concept of time and Indian calendar system, leadership lessons from Ramayana, etc. Ideally for ages 11 and above. Register here


$25 per topic


godivinity.bayarea@gmail.com or 925-587-3107

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