Namadwaar Anniversary

This inspiring, timeless message about the purpose of Namadwaar was given by Sri Swamiji on the occasion of Houston Namadwaar’s 7th Anniversary in the 10th year since G.O.D.’s inception. “Good evening to one and all. I am very happy to …


Houston Namadwaar celebrated its 7th anniversary on Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Jayanthi day, this month. On this special occasion, here is a trip down the memory lane to its inauguration day. Houston Namadwaar Inauguration in 2010

G.O.D. USA’s Namadwaar in Houston, TX is turning 3 years old. Let’s test your knowledge about the Namadwaar initiative and Namadwaars around the world. 1. What is ‘Namadwaar’? A. An initiative aimed to spread the divine names of the Lord …


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