Kids' Quiz – Balarama Trivia

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Lord Balarama was the elder brother of Lord Krishna; an avatar of Adi Sesha. He descended to the earth to be with his beloved Lord, although throughout this avatar he played the role of doting elder brother to perfection. Let’s see how much you know abut Lord Balarama.

1. Who gave birth to Balarama?

a. Rohini

b. Devaki

c. Yashoda

2. Balarama gained knowledge under the tutelage of this guru

a. Sage Vasishta

b. Sage Sandeepani

c. Sage Suka

3. Name the wife of Balarama

a. Revathy

b. Subadra

c. Kalindi

4. Who was Balarama’s father-in-law

a. King Kakudmi, ruler of Kushasthali

b. King Janaka, ruler of Mithila

c. King Yadu, ruler of Videha

5. Which demon was killed by Balarama?

a. Dhenukasura

b. Pothana

c. Mushtika

6. What weapon does Balarama carry in his hand?

a. Spear

b. Trident

c. Plough

7. Balarama killed this brother of Rukmini

a. Rukmabhahu

b. Rukmi

c. Rukmangada

8. What does the term ‘Bala’ signify?

a. Strength

b. Intelligence

c. Wisdom

9. Balarama spent his childhood days on the banks of this river?

a. Ganges

b. Yamuna

c. Godavari

10. What is the original name of Balarama?

a. Aniruddha

b. Rama

c. Baladeva

Compiled by

Ramya Srinivasan, San Jose, CA


1-a, 2-b, 3-a, 4-a, 5-a, 6-c, 7-b, 8-a, 9-b, 10-b

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  1. Chandan says:

    That was interesting, i got just 50 %, there is so much to learn.

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