Kids Quiz — Pandharpur Trivia

Ashada Ekadasi that falls around July every year is an auspicious occasion in Pandharpur and for Lord Panduranga. Let’s see if you can answer these related trivia questions.

1. Lord Panduranga and Rukmini came to Pandharpur for this devotee, who served his parents wholeheartedly
a. Banudasar
b. Chokamela
c. Pundalika

2. In one abhang, Pandharpur is called a bazaar were the following is traded:
a. Flowers
b. Prasad
c. Nama

3. The holy river of Pandharpur
a. Godavari
b. Ganges
c. Chandrabhaga

4. Lord Panduranga and Rukmini stand on ____________ in Pandharpur.
a. Wooden planks
b. Lotuses
c. Bricks

5. Panduranga’s favorite way to be worshipped
a. Yoga
b. Nama sankirtan
c. Penance

6. Which are the two Ekadasis that are famous in Pandharpur
a. Ashada Ekadasi and Karthika Ekadasi
b. Marghasisha Ekadasi and Sravana Ekadasi
c. Chitra Ekadasi and Palghuni Ekadasi

7. How many samadhis of Sant Namdev’sfamily members can be found in Panduranga’s temple?
a. 2
b. 14
c. 8

8. What is the name of the Panduranga devotee who was a barber?
a. Narahari Sonar
b. Sena Navhi
c. Gora Kumbhar

9. Who is the outcaste devotee of Panduranga whose samadhi is also found in Panduranga’s temple?
a. Sant Jnaneshwar
b. Sant Chokha Mela
c. Sant Gora Kumhaar

Compiled by
Yamini Zivan Prakash, Chicago, IL

Answers: 1-C, 2-C, 3-C, 4-C, 5-B, 6-A, 7-B, 8-B, 9-B

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