Ram charithra

Date: Oct 7, 2007
Time: 10:00am – 11:00am
Topic:  Values from Ramayana
Venue:  Sri Lakshmi Narayanan Temple
Pravachana Karta: Kum. Poornima Kumarasami

Poorimaji addressed a set of 25 devotees to talk about the values from Ramayana. This began with a few minutes of Namakirtan. She then went on to talk about Rama and the ideals he stood for. She emphasized on the importance of chanting Rama Nama and the Mahamantra, as the only way to attain salvation in this Kali Yuga.

The devotees were overwhelmed with the lecture and expressed their desire to have more of such satsangs in the future. They were also interested to have Poornimaji’s and Ramuji’s satsangs the following year.

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