Pashyata Radhaam


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Raga: Darbar
Tala: Adi

pashyata rAdhAm pannaga dhIrgha veNIm
pashyata kRuShNam dhIrgha veNudharam

pashyata rAdhAm nikunja nivAsinIm
pashyata kRuShNam gunjAmAlA dharam (pashyata..)

pashyata rAdhAm sakhi jana lalitAm
pashyata kRuShNam shukamuni pUjitam (pashyata..)

pashyata rAdhAm gaura varNAm
pashyata kRuShNam shyAmaLa varNam (pashyata..)

pashyata rAdhAm trailokya pUjitAm
pashyata kRuShNam tribhangI rUpam (pashyata..)

pashyata rAdhAm prema svarUpiNIm
pashyata kRuShNam karuNA svarUpam (pashyata..)

pashyata rAdhAm mangaLa rUpiNIm
pashyata kRuShNam kaNgkaNa dhAriNam (pashyata..)

pashyata rAdhAm jalaja charaNAm
pashyata kRuShNam vyatyasta pAdam (pashyata..)

pashyata rAdhAm muraLIdhara kAminIm
pashyata kRuShNam muralIdhara svaminam (pashyata..)

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