Radhaiketra Kannan Kannanketra Radhai


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Raga: Maandu

Tala: Adi

rAdhaikkEtra kaNNan kaNNanukkEtra rAdhai
sIthaikkEtra rAman rAmanukkEtra sIthai

rAmanukkEtra lakShmaNan kaNNanukkEtra balarAman
rAmanukkEtra riShigaL kaNNanukkEtra gOpiyar

rAmanukkEtra dhanusu kaNNanukkEtra muraLI
rAmanukkEtra ayOddhi kaNNanukkEtra madhurai

rAmanukkEtra sarayU kaNNanukkEtra yamunai
rAmanukkEtra mahAraNyam kaNNanukkEtra brundAraNyam

rAmanukkEtra hanumAn kaNNanukkEtra uddhavan
rAmanukkEtra rAvaNan kaNNanukkEtra kamsan

rAmanukkEtra vAlmIki kaNNanukkEtra shukabrahmam
rAmanukkEtra dharmam kaNNanukkEtra prEmai

rAmanukkEtra Arjavam kaNNanukkEtra kapaTam
rAmanukkEtra gambhIram kaNNanukkEtra naLinam

rAmakriShNa nAmam sadA nalgum
sarva mangaLam sarva mangaLam


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