Sri Narasimho Aavribhavathi


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Raga: Atana

Tala: Adi 


s​h​rI nRusimh​o Avirbhavati
sakalavAkya paripAlanAya  (srI)


arjunAya ​dattavAkparipAlanAya
jayavijayEbhy​o​​datta vAkparipAlanAya  (s​h​rI)

vidhinA ​datta vAkparipAlanAya
sura​gaNAya ​datta vAkparipAlanAya (s​h​rI)

g​aralada kayA​dhusuta vAkparipAlanAya
mura​l​Idhara bhaktajana vAkparipAlanAya (s​h​rI)



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