Quiz – Krishna’s Dwaraka Lila

1. Name the king whom Lord Krishna defeated seventeen times.
A. Bali
B. Jarasandha
C. Hiranyakashipu

2. Which city was constructed by Krishna that was surrounded by the sea?
A. Mathura
B. Brindavan
C. Dwaraka

3. Name the minister of Kamsa who was ordered to bring Krishna and Balarama to Mathura
A. Akrura
B. Sumanthra
C. Shukracharya

4. Which king burned the warrior Kalayavana to ashes by a harsh look when he was woken up from sleep and was eventually bestowed with Lord Krishna’s darshan?
A. Satrajit
B. Jambhavan
C. Muchukunda

5. Name the daughter of Satrajit whom Lord Krishna married after he recovered the stolen Syamantaka jewel that belonged to Satrajit
A. Rukmini
B. Sathyabama
C. Kalindi

6. On the day of the solar eclipse, where did Lord Krishna and Balarama meet all the inhabitants of Brindavan after many years?
A. Mathura
B. Samanta panchakam
C. Indraprastha

7. Name the child-hood friend of Lord Krishna who came to meet him after many years in Dwaraka
A. Sridama
B. Sudama
C. Subala

8. Name the messenger who was ordained  by Lord Krishna to go to Brindavan to meet the Gopis
A. Uddhava
B. Akrura
C. Yudhisthira

9. Which brother of Rukmini fought with Lord Krishna before Krishna and Rukmini’s wedding?
A. Sishupala
B. Rukmi
C. Rukmabahu

Compiled by Ramya Srinivasan, San Jose CA
1 – B, 2 – C, 3 – A, 4 – C, 5 – B, 6 – B, 7 – B, 8 – A, 9 – B

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