Special Satsangs

Special Prayers

Prayers to the Almighty are powerful.  Prayers powered with the ‘Hare Rama…’ Mahamantra are extraordinarily powerful.  GOD Satsang offers the service of performing prayers for people in need.

If you are in pain / distress and wish to request prayers for deliverance from your misery and attain peace of mind and happiness, prayers with Mahamantra can certainly help you. Please do contact us.  Our volunteers in your city will be happy to fix up a time with you to come to your place and perform prayers with Mahamantra Kirtan (duration – at least 60 minutes), at a date and time mutually convenient.

This is done purely as a service and our volunteers shall not accept any contributions in cash / kind for this service.

The Namadwaar established in Houston is a dedicated prayer house.  You can also submit your prayer request to the Houston Namadwaar and the volunteers there will pray for you.

Celebrating special events

In addition to regular weekly satsangs, special events like the Jayanti (day of Incarnation) of Mahatmas, festivals and other events are celebrated with extended satsangs / Akhanda Nama Sankirtan in different cities.

Check out the home page to know about such events close to your place.

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