Bay Area Gopa Kuteeram Summer Camp 2021

By the grace of Sathguru Maharaj H H Sri Sri Maharanyam Muralidhara Swamiji and Thakhurji, Bay Area Gopa Kuteeram conducted a 5 week online camp with sessions in Sloka, Stories, Traditional Treasures and Bhajans from Jun 15-Jul 16

In Sloka, the kids learned Guru Ashtakam and Thotakashtakam under the guidance of Smt. Chitraji, Smt. Aparnaji and Smt. Nithyaji.

In Stories, Shaliniji and Nithyaji enthralled the children with the leelas of Lord Krishna in Brindavan. Inspired by the stories, the kids created beautiful dioramas of their favorite leelas and shared them with the rest of the class.

In Traditional Treasures, the kids explored the Spiritual Geography of India through fun presentations and Kahoot! quizzes on topics such as Char Dham, Divyadesams,  Panchabhootha sthalas and Devi Kshethras. These sessions were geared by  our Gopa Kuteeram teachers, Smt. Aparnaji, Smt. Shanthiji, Smt. Srividyaji and Smt. Nithyaji.

In Bhajans, the kids learned the divine compositions of Mother Meera(Payoji Maine) and an abhang of Sri Janardhana Swami (Vittala Yere), along with the meaning and a brief life-history of the Mahatma. The teachers for Bhajan sessions were Smt. Shanthiji, Sri Narenji and Smt. Ramyaji.

All the sessions were at full capacity and a total of 60-65 kids participated and thoroughly enjoyed the summer camp. Well encouraged by parents and teachers they came up with amazing presentations during the final week.

Bay area Gopa Kuteeram chapter looks forward to more such exciting camps and presentations in the future.

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