Guru Poornima celebration at Dallas Namadwaar

Dallas Namadwaar started the Guru Poornima celebrations with akhanda NAmA on Friday, July 23rd. Around 14 families chanted NAmA via zoom and around 20 devotees came to NAmadwAr for chanting. Dallas NAmadwAr was vibrating with NAAMA throughout the entire afternoon. There was a Nationwide satsangh organized for the evening with special programs. Dallas NAmadwAr was indeed blessed to perform Vyasa Pooja on the Vedavyasar Jayanthi. The Ardent devotees of Dallas NAmadwAr decorated the sanctum with Lights, Lamps, and flower Garlands. It was indeed a divine and delightful sight to watch our Thulasi Devi finding HER favorable spot to spend the evening on this auspicious day. Yes, SHE decided to happily rest and enjoy our Vyasa BhagawAn (Lord Vishnu’s avatar) the whole evening! Nationwide satsangh started with VedaVyasa Pooja followed by Vishnu sahasranAmam chanting by all devotees across USA and Canada. The ambience at Dallas NAmadwAr was brimming with Divine Air, Love and Joy, showering Gratitude towards Vyasa BhagawAn, our Sri Swami ji and The Divine Couple.

There was Special satsangh planned as part of Guru PoorNimA on the next day, July 24th. Again, the sanctum was ornamented with beautiful Garlands. Around 35 devotees came to NAmadwAr for NAmA chanting (which went for couple of hours) followed by an hour of our Madhura geethams. Celebrating the works of our Sri Swamiji is Celebrating HIM !! Devotees chanted Krishna Jananam from SrimadBhagavatham as part of Special Satsangh. The Satsangh was culminated with a special message from Sri. M.K. Ramanujam Ji and Madhura Smaranam by Sri. Bhaghya ji followed by NAmA Anthem & HArathi.
And What a way to celebrate the day!! Jai Gurunath!

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