Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji

His Holiness Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji, hailing from Chennai, India, is a philosopher and spiritual preceptor who practices and propagates the practical aspects of Indian spirituality. GOD USA has his philosophy as its guiding principles.

His key activities are in the direction of educating people of the fact that real happiness is very much within one’s own self and that inner peace and tranquility will naturally lead to universal brotherhood and harmony. Realization of this truth in this age of haste and hurry is as much possible and practicable as it was in earlier ages, and can be attained by simple but sustained practices that include mind control and chanting of the Divine Name of God, especially the “Hare Rama…” Mahamantra.

He inculcates a spirit of universal acceptance, coupled with intense faith and steadfast devotion on the path the spiritual seeker is treading on.

Sri Swamiji believes in the philosophy of Non-Dualism or Advaita advocated by Adi Shankara. He advocates that Self-Realization is the ultimate goal of all living-beings. He has expounded many Advaitic scriptures and the Upanishads and the life and works of great Mahans in this lineage. Specifically, he has discoursed at length on Sri Ramana Maharshi’s life and his works like ‘Upadesa Undiyar’, ‘Aksharamanamalai’, ‘Ulladhu Narpathu’. Some of these discourses have also been released as commercial audio CDs and tapes.

While Sri Swamiji believes in Advaita, it is his strong opinion that one can attain that state easily through devotion or Bhakti towards the Lord, especially Prema Bhakti (divine love) towards Sri Krishna and the different forms of Krishna like Panduranga, Guruvayoorappan and others, as Krishna is verily the form of ‘Brahman’. He believes that Srimad Bhagavatam, chief among the Puranas, is the key text to Bhakti and by merely reading that text, one can get closer to Sri Krishna.  He follows the footsteps of the great Mahans who have come in this lineage.

Sri Swamiji believes that Nama Kirtan (singing the name of the Lord) is the easiest way to perform Bhakti and attain liberation in this Kali Yuga. Srimad Bhagavatam and many other scriptures in Sanatana Dharma advocate this as the simplest means to attain the Lord. Scriptures say, “While mental repetition of the Divine Names leads to the good of the individual, chanting the Divine Names loudly purifies the chanter, the listener and the very place where the chanting is done.” In keeping with the Kali Santarana Upanishad, Sri Swamiji advocates singing of the ‘Hare Rama…’ Mahamantra as the only way to overcome the ills of worldly existence and attain divine bliss.

More information about Sri Sri Swamiji’s activities can be found in the following websites:
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