What is ‘Satsang‘? – ‘Sat‘ stands for ‘divine’ and ‘sang‘ – is ‘association’.  Satsang is where you have association with other divine souls in order to get closer to the Divine.

Each soul is potentially divine. The goal is to manifest this divinity within.

How can we call ourselves ‘divine’ when our minds are shrouded by ills like pride, lust, anger, jealousy, vengeance and hatred.   No person is an exception.  Every other human-being is affected by these, for, it is the order of the Yuga (Kali Yuga). The soul is covered by so many ills, and uncovering these sheaths leads us to realize the true Divine-Self within.

How can we get rid of these sheaths and attain the Divinity?
There are infinite ways to Infinite Bliss (the Almighty).  ‘Bhakti’ or ‘Devotion’ to the Lord is the easiest path to attaining Him.  How does one acquire devotion for the Lord? — The simplest means is by simply singing His Divine Names (‘Nama Sankirtan’).

Every religion advocates congregational worship is a powerful means of reaching this lofty goal.  In Sanathana Dharma, it is nothing but ‘satsang’.  When we join with other devotional souls in ‘Bhakti’ and ‘Nama Sankirtan’, peace of mind and happiness is achieved, as are our prayers fulfilled. The Lord Himself states that He is present in the place where devotees congregate and sing His glories and Divine Names.

In order to establish the Mahamantra Kirtan, ‘Namadwaars‘ are established many US cities.

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