Let's chant with Sri Swamiji using the Nama Bhiksha App. The count will be reflected above.



Sri Swamiji urges all in the world to chant Mahamantra. To motivate all in a common purpose of chanting more and more, we introduce this Nama-Bhiksha App to aid in the tracking of the count of Mahamantra, done by various devotees all around the globe.

Nama Bhiksha (iOS and Android)

Key Features:

  • Chant with the Voice of the Master (H.H. Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji) available in 3 speeds
  • Keep track of your current session count and total count.
  • Number of live users chanting and the total global contribution

If you have questions about the app or have suggestions for improvement, drop us an email at

For those chanting without the aid of the app, please click below to add your chanting counts.

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