Regular Satsangs

Come weekend and it is time for socializing!
For our satsang, it is more than that – it is to get together at a devotee’s residence and enjoy the bliss of a satsang –  chanting the Divine Name!

In different cities across the country devotees have formed satsang groups, and they get together every weekend.   The primary theme of the satsang is Mahamantra Kirtan.  In addition, a few satsangs also read out / listen to from Sri Swamiji’s books / discourses and also learn / discuss Srimad Bhagavatam for a few minutes; a few have a satsang activity for children, if there are kids in sizable number.

In a few cities, the GOD satsang is at a fixed place every week, and in others, it is hosted by different devotees every week based on preferences. [Generally, if a birthday or wedding anniversary or other auspicious happening befalls that week, they celebrate them hosting the satsang at their places]

Anyone can participate in the satsang. The place of satsang is indeed a place of worship – a temple.  So one is expected to attend the satsang as one would go to a temple – purity of mind, body and soul – that is all what is required.

Likewise, hosting a GOD satsang is simple.  Arrangement of  food distribution / potluck lunches or dinners is strongly discouraged, as also   The purpose of satsang is to establish divine communion with the Lord and hence GOD satsangs are about Chanting the Divine Names only.

Using the locator below, find the satsang nearest to your residence and contact the person in charge to participate in one this weekend!   If you wish to host a satsang in your area, please contact us!


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