Supporting Education and Pioneering Knowledge

Whether it is in the cities of the United States or the schools of the remote village in India, GOD takes keen interest in fostering education and pioneering knowledge. Partnering with schools in/around Houston and with non-profit organizations in India, GOD carries out numerous projects towards facilitating education for the poor and enabling dissemination of knowledge.

Providing educational supplies like writing aids, supplies for students with special needs – to financially backwards students, providing support for buying furniture and maintenance of classrooms in rural areas and educational scholarship to the needy – these are only a few of the long list of projects undertaken by GOD.

Food and Clothing

Ours is a public benefit organization that works towards Universal Peace and Harmony through Inner Transformation.  Our values find their source from the truest form of love in the soul and this love blossoms as this inner transformation takes place.  When that divinity, or true love pervades the entire universe, peace and harmony naturally result. We believe in effecting that inner transformation.

GOD regularly does giving programs – giving away food, clothing and educational supplies to those who are in need.

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Health Campaigns

As a part of giving back to the community, GOD conducts Free health fairs and campaigns worldwide, whether it is in a small village in India or in Australia or in the US, it shares concern for the health of the brothers and sisters in the society.

In the Houston area in the US, an annual health camp called “Life and Soul” is conducted that caters to a huge local population in need of medical assistance.

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“If you lose touch with nature you lose touch with humanity.
If there’s no relationship with nature then you become a killer;
then you kill baby seals, whales, dolphins, and man
either for gain, for “sport,” for food, or for knowledge.
Then nature is frightened of you, withdrawing its beauty.
You may take long walks in the woods or camp in lovely places
but you are a killer and so lose their friendship.
You probably are not related to anything to your wife or your husband “

– the great philosopher Jiddu Krishnamurti writes.  Living close to nature is indeed living close to the divine, and GOD has always had this as its baseline

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Value added Education – Gopa Kuteeram and Sampradaya Camps

We have an increasing population of youngsters who are in need of life skill education.  GOD’s commitment towards education of young minds is shown by its programs.

Joy of Sharing is an initiative of GOD USA for all our social causes.

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