Annual Mahamantra Writing Contest 2018

Every year, Rama Navami is celebrated by the entire fraternity of GOD across the country in a unique manner – through ‘Mahamantra Likhita Japa’ – Mahamantra Writing Contest.

The contest is opened out to all ages weeks before Rama Navami and closes a few weeks after Rama Navami. The most lavish ‘Mahamantra Writers’ among the young ones are chosen and rewarded.

This year too, the Mahamantra writing contest began a few weeks before Rama Navami and ended on April 15th. And this year’s contest set new benchmarks and beat record of sorts!

Age of youngest child to write Mahamantra : 3
Number of children that participated in the contest: 100+
Number of GOD Centers that participated: 10
Total Number of Mahamantra that was written in a span of 8 weeks: 47,000+
While kids were over-enthusiastic to write Nama, adults were not left behind. We had a record number of Nama written by adults this year.

The winners by age are given below:

Age City/State Name Nama count Position
3 Redmong Vibha Hariharan 2 1
4 Redmond, WA Saadhvi Dushyanth 92 1
Redmond, WA Gurudas Muthukaruppan 74 2
Redmond, WA Lakshanya 20 3
5 Redmond, WA Prahlad Shankar 120 1
Detroit, MI Anand Prabhas 114 2
Detroit, MI Nheelsreesh Vishnu Sundherram 72 3
6 Boston, MA Om Avinash 350 1
Boston, MA Harini Ollawar 200 2
Boston, MA Mohana krisnan 170 3
7 Dallas, TX Advaith Vivek 310 1
Orlando, FL Dhruv Jujare 150 2
Boston, MA Sunaina 150 2
8 Mississauga, Canada Neha Manikandan 294 1
Apex, NC SaiRaghav Mahesh 224 2
Apex, NC Aarnav 220 3
9 Boston, MA Likhith Reddy Nimmanapalli 628 1
Apex Soham 600 2
Boston, MA Rashmika 420 3
10 Boston, MA jai suchay venkata venkamsetty 200 1
Dallas, TX Varsha 140 2
Redmond, WA Saadhvi Ram 100 3
11 Northbay, CA Dhanya Subramaniam 325 1
Orlando, FL Badri Nagarajan 201 2
Richmond, VA Madhuri 105 3
12 Dallas, TX Shravan Shreenivasan 800 1
Redmond, WA Sanjana Anand 100 2
13 Dallas, TX Swetha Karthikeyan 364 1
Northbay. CA Akshara Subramaniam 326 2
Apex, NC Raksha Mahesh 80 3
15-16 Dallas,TX Surya Chandra 800 1
Mississauga, ON Aaditya Karthik 120 2

The prizes in each region will be distributed during the Annual Year Functions or local Annual day.

A complete list of all the ‘Nama Writers’ can be found here.

GOD congratulates all the Nama Writers and winners for their exemplary performance and encourages them to write and chant more!

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