Rama Navami Celebrations in Raleigh, North Carolina – April 2014

By the infinite grace of Sri Swamiji, Rama Navami Utsav was celebrated by Raleigh GOD chapter in a very grand manner. The entire event was celebrated at Sri Shirdi Sai Mandir of North Carolina on Saturday,April 12th 2014. Gopakuteeram Kids of Raleigh Chapter were clad in beautiful costumes potraying the characters from Ramayana. Some of the characters in addtion to Rama ,Sita and Hanuman were Jatayu, Ahalya ,Bharatha and Valmiki.  The audience thoroughly enjoyed the kids performance. Following the fancy dress event, one group of kids rendered the bhajan “Bhava Vardhana Rama” composed by Sri Swamiji. Other group of kids performed Bhadrachala Ramadasa’s  kriti “Sri Rama Namam” . The  older  kids perfomed a Hari Katha highlighting the importance of Nama Mahima.Around 40 members attended this event and got the blessings of Sri Rama. 

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