Bhashyakaram Bhaje…


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Ragam: SrI
Thalam: Adi

bhAshyakAram bhaje bhAshyakAram |
bhAshyakAram bhaje bhAshyakAram ||

bhavya gunAlayam bhAshyakAram |
bhAvuka vatsalam bhAshyakAram ||

Urdhva pundrAnkitam bhAshyakAram |
uttama slokam bhAshyakAram ||

kAshAya dhArinam bhAshyakAram |
karunA sAgaram bhAshyakAram ||

tridanda mandita karam bhAshyakAram |
dIna vatsalam bhAshyakAram ||

rangarAja pUjakam bhAshyakAram |
yatirAjra rAjam bhAshyakAram ||

godA sahodaram bhAshyakAram |
govinda pUjitam bhAshyakAram ||

prapatti mArgam prakAshakam bhAshyakAram |
prapanna muraLidhara sevitam bhAshyakAram ||


Sing! Sing! the Bhashyakaara (Sri Ramanuja)
Sing! Sing! the Bhashyakaara!

The One who is the storehouse of humility!
The One who is the favorite of Bhavukas! (Connoisseurs in Bhakti)

The One who sports an Urdhva Pundra (a ’tilak’ pointing upwards)!
The One who is worthy of exalted praises!

The One who is adorned in ochre robes!
The One who is an ocean of compassion!

The One who bears a ‘tridanda’ (three staffs tied together carried by Vaishnava ascetics)!
The One who showers love on lowly!

The One who performs puja to Rangaraja (the prime Lord at Srirangam)!
The One who is the king of the king of ascetics!

The One who is the brother of GodA (Andaal) !
The One who was worshipped by Govinda (Embaar, a cousin of Sri Ramanuja) !

The One who showed the path of Prapatti (Surrender)
The One propitiated by the surrendering Muralidhara!

Original Kirtan

रागम्: मध्यमावति
तालम्: आदि

भाष्यकारं भजे भाष्यकारम् ।
भाष्यकारं भजे भाष्यकारम् ॥
भव्य गुणालयं भाष्यकारम् ।
भावुक वत्सलम् भाष्यकारम् ॥
ऊर्ध्व पुन्ड्राङ्कितं भाष्यकारम् ।
उत्तम स्लोकम् भाश्यकारम् ॥
काषाय धारिणम् भाष्यकारम् ।
करुणा सागरम् भाष्यकारम् ॥
त्रिदण्डमन्डित करम् भाष्यकारम् ।
दीन वत्सलम् भाष्यकारम् ॥
रङ्गराज पूजकम् भाष्यकारम् ।
यतिराज राजम् भाष्यकारम् ॥
गोदा सहोदरम् भाष्यकारम् ।
गोविन्द पूजकं भाष्यकारम् ॥
प्रपत्ति मार्ग प्रकाशकं भाष्यकारम् ।
प्रपन्न मुरलीधर सेवितं भाष्यकारम् ॥

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