Hanumantha Jaya Hanumantha


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Ragam: Yamuna Kalyani

hanumantA jaya hanumantA
hanumantA jaya hanumantA (hanumantA jaya..)

anjana putra hanumantA
asahAya surA hanumantA
antha pUjita hanumantA
adbhuta rUpa hanumantA (hanumantA jaya..)

Apat bhAndava hanumantA
Arya sevaka hanumantA
AkAsha mArga hanumantA
Anjaneya hanumantA (hanumantA jaya..)

ishta mUrthe hanumantA
ishta dAyaka hanumantA
ihapara rakshaka hanumantA
indra pUjita hanumantA (hanumantA jaya..)

IshwarAmsha hanumantA
Isha sevaka hanumantA
Ishavasyapriya hanumantA
Ishwara rAvaNa shikshaka hanumantA (hanumantA jaya..)

unnata mahimA hanumantA
uttama sevaka hanumantA
ugra rUpa hanumantA
udveka durantara hanumantA (hanumantA jaya..)

UrmiLa patipriya hanumantA
Urjita kArya hanumantA
Uru sundara hanumantA
Urdhva reta hanumantA (hanumantA jaya..)

rishigaNa pUjita hanumantA
rishigaNa anugraha hanumantA
rigveda samartha hanumantA
rumApati sakha hanumantA (hanumantA jaya..)

yekanta bhakta hanumantA
yekadaiva vAda hanumantA
yelAmAlA dhara hanumantA
yehi yehi hanumantA (hanumanAtA jaya..)

ishwarya markata hanumantA
ishwarya dAyin hanumantA
itareya priya hanumantA
irAvati pati thADitha hanumantA (hanumanta jaya..)

otha protha vyApin hanumantA
ojaswarUpa hanumantA
omkarasamajapriya hanumantA
oshadi priya hanumantA (hanumantA jaya..)

aushadha giridhara hanumantA
audArya guNavanta hanumantA
aushadam tvameva hanumantA
aushada Adhe hanumantA (hanumantA jaya..)

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