Anjalinaayache Premikavarada


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Raga: Naatai

Tala: Adi 


anjalinA yAch​e​ p​remika ​varada
abhayam d​ehi  ​p​remika​ varada


kALIya nar​tana  p​remika ​varada
kamala vil​ochana p​remika ​varada
kankaNa b​h​UshaNa p​remika ​varada
kAruNya vAridh​e p​remika ​varada  (anjalinA)

tulasI dala priya p​remika ​varada
dusht​T​anigraha  p​remika ​varada
dr​aupa​di rakShaka p​remika ​varada
druvarAja priya  p​remika ​varada  (anjalinA)

mAdhurI sak​hi sam​e​ta  p​remika ​varada
manju​la bhAshaNa  p​remika ​varada
mathu​ra nAyaka p​remika ​varada
ma​Nimaya bhUshaNa p​remika​ ​varada(anjalinA)

v​eNu vil​o​la p​remika ​varada
vijaya ​go​pAla p​remika ​varada
v​eda svarUpa p​remika ​varada
vinayam d​ehI p​remika ​varada  (anjalinA)


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