Naamam Solluvom Vaarer


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Raga: Karaharapriya

Tala: Adi 


nAmam solluvOm vArIr  – sadhA hari
nAmum solluvOm vArIr (nAmam)


nAmam solla solla pAvam paRanthiDum
nAmum solla solla puNNiyam sErnthiDum  (nAmam)

nAmam solla solla thunbam vilagiDum
nAmum solla solla inbam perugiDum

nAmam solla solla kavalai kalaindhiDum
nAmum solla solla amaidhi nilaiththiDum

nAmam solla solla vAsanai azhinthiDum
nAmum solla solla piRavigaL kuRaindhiDum

nAmam solla solla manadhu orumugamAgum
nAmum solla solla arivu kUrmaiyAgum

nAmam solla solla bhakti virakthi vaLarnthiDum
nAmum solla solla jnAnam udhitthidum

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