‘Kanyakumari’ Jaya Hanuman

The 24 feet tall Hanumanji representing the 24000 Ramayana slokas stands majestically with His palms folded humbly. Hanumanji came to Madhurapuri ashram in February 2009 on Mahasivaratri day. Is he not an amsa of Lord Siva, the foremost Vaishnava?

Vadamalai, butter, and betel leaf garland are offered to him. A special way of offering worship for fulfilment of any specific desire is to have this Hanumanji’s darshan on any specific day of the week for 7 consecutive weeks and offer a garland of betel leaves upon conclusion of 7 weeks.

One morning Sri Swamiji offered butter on a small plantain leaf to Jaya Hanuman. After offering, Sri Swamiji stepped out of the sanctum and showed the few devotees present there the mark of the fingers of Hanumanji who had taken the butter!

Mahasivaratri the day of installation, Laksha deepam on Vishu (Tamil new year), Hanumath Jayanti, Monthly moola nakshatra (Hanumanji’s birth star) are celebrated.

Temple timing here is 7 am to 10 am and 5 pm to 8 pm.

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