Thanksgiving satsang in Dallas, TX

On Thursday, November 22nd 2012, Sri Ramanujamji conducted a wonderful satsang at the residence of Sri.Raman and Mrs.Lalitha Raman in Dallas, TX. Being Thanksgiving day, Sri Ramanujamji talked about gratitude. About 60 devotees attended the satsang. Shri Ramanujamji elaborated on how and why one should be thankful in this day and age. He compared Indian wisdom and American mentality, on this special day where both cultures unite for thanksgiving which was an epitome of selflessness.Shri Ramanujamji shared many inspiring moments from Sri Swamiji’s life and summarized the beauty of gratitude very nicely. The satsang concluded with the rendition of Dhanyoham Krishna kirtan composed by Sri Swamiji and Kurai Ondrum Illai kirtan.The truth in the lyrics and the gratitude emanated from all the devotees eyes as tears. It was truly a wonderful thanksgiving satsang.

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