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The Divine Name is a solvent that dissolves all diversity | Swami Pap Ramadas

Trust God and adjust yourself to every changing situation in which He chooses to place you. |- Papa Ramdas

Bhakta is He, Bhagawan is He. As bhakta he pretends to be different from Himself; as Bhagawan, He pretends to be seeking Himself. Wonderful is His lila. | – Papa Ramdas

The true devotee is one who has realised that he and the Lord of the universe are not separate.| – Papa Ramdas

Indeed, the power of God’s Name is simply marvellous. It can take man to the highest and the loftiest Truth of world existence. The Name grants him a state of unalterable freedom, bliss and peace.| -Papa Ramdas

In all weathers cling to the Name of the Lord. It is the one plank which does not allow the man, who hangs on to it, to sink and be lost. The Name is the Lord, the Guru, and all …


Bhakti does not denote a chaotic life. A well regulated life, a keen sense of duty, and a patient and cheerful nature, are the characteristics of a true devotee of God. | – Papa Ramdas

Weakness is felt only when God is forgotten. And the simple way to remember Him is to take His Name constantly.| -Papa Ramdas

Let us cling to His glorious Name with all love and faith, and let Him do what He pleases with us. Ours is to realise our immortality. |  -Papa Ramdas

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