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    Located in the southern suburb of Houston in the border of Manvel and Pearland, the Houston Namadwaar serves as a a spiritual powerhouse of divinity. The Namadwaar is a prayer house powered by Nama Sankirtan - Chanting the Divine Name - the Mahamantra. The Namadwaar is rooted in the ancient Hindu philosophy of 'Bhakti' - love unto the Supreme Universal Truth manifested in the form of the Divine Lordships - Sri Radha - Sri Krishna. The Divine Couple - Sri Madhuri Sakhi sameta Sri Premika Varadhan - reside in Namadwaar, bestowing love and compassion on one and all visiting the Namadwaar.

    Any one irrespective of race, religion, gender and creed can visit Namadwaar and place their prayers unto the Divine by chanting the Mahamantra. Click here for our hours.

    Watch out our Events Section for weekend programs, study circles, youth enrichment programs and special events.

  • Summer Camps n Houston

    Experience the essence of Indian Culture through its values, creativity, lifestyle and ancient wisdom in Pearland/Manvel area of Houston.

    1. Sampradaya Camp
    Indian culture and tradition themed camp with lots of fun and value-based workshops, activities, games and more.
    Yoga, jewelry-making, gardening, art of rangoli, traditional games, stories, music and dance, field trip.
    Ages 5-9 yrs
    June 4-8
    Registration: bit.ly/gksampradaya2018


    2. Traditional Treasures Camp
    Featuring unique sessions encouraging young minds to think beyond the mundane and improve the quality of their lives. This camp will be an eye-opener for all youngsters in many ways.
    Special sessions on Yoga and Mindfulness, Compassionate Communication, Past Life & Rebirth, Science Math & Technology in Ancient India, Ayurvedic Medicine
    Fun activities including Ethnic Art, Gardening, Culinary Arts, Games, Field Trip and more.
    Ages 10-15 yrs
    June 11-15
    Registration: bit.ly/gktreasures2018
    Call 281-516-1596 for more info.

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