The Need of the Hour

To our dearest children of God,

Please allow us to share something important and urgent with you.

In today’s fast moving world we hardly find any time to pray to God. There is no one to blame; it has become our natural way of life. The United States, being one of the greatest nations in the world, our Master expressed his wish to see a prayer temple set up in this country – a temple to serve the United States, with simple worship without any ceremonies, rites and rituals, where a few noble hearts would chant the Mahamantra continuously, day in and day out. With continuous chanting, prayers shall be performed here for the peace and universal brotherhood to prevail in the world. The temple shall solicit prayers from our friends all over the world through emails and postal mail, be it for a material, social or spiritual cause.

Submitting the prayers to the holy Padukas of the Master, sincere prayers shall be performed for the requestor by chanting the Mahamantra.

This shall truly be a place to earnestly beseech the Lord to allow all of us in this world to enjoy the beauty of His creation in its true form without allowing others to disturb it.

Towards this noble cause, dear brothers and sisters, we humbly bow down to you to come forward and help us build the temple for the Divine Name and thereby fulfill the lofty ideals of our Master. We solicit your blessings, wishes and benevolent monetary contributions towards this noble endeavor. Major donors shall be aptly acknowledged. We are open and interested to start Centers for the Divine Name all over the world and we solicit your cooperation on this front.

The Divine Name is our religion,
The Divine Name is our guide,
The Divine Name is our Guru,
The Divine Name is our God.

‘Nama parathe sadhana nahi!’ – There is no greater Sadhana than Nama!

We warmly welcome you to join hands with us in this noble cause and be part of the glorious spiritual movement towards world peace and brotherhood.

Ever in the remembrance of God’s Divine Name,

Global Organization for Divinity.

September 30, 2007