Houston Nama Saptaha Utsav 2010

The Houston Nama Saptaha Utsav 2010 is here!

What is it all about?

A seven day celebration of the Divine Name – from December 27th 2010 to January 2nd, 2011.
The seven day celebration will have, apart from Akhanda Nama Sankirtan, events involving Bhagavata Dharma including special events like an outdoor celebrations and new-year-eve special programs!

And this satsang event is special, as it is welcoming the New Year 2011 with divine prayers for unity and brotherhood, with special prayers for peace and prosperity of each of our families, our city and state, our nation and the world as a whole.

It is a time to earnestly pray to the Divine so that the New Year sees no seething of the Mother Earth manifesting in the form of natural calamities; so that the New Year continues to see peace in our Nation, keeping it free from any kind of extraneous attack; so that the New Year sees a cure in all kinds of physical and mental ailments in suffering families and wipes sorrows from all troubled hearts; so that the New Year sees all-round health and happiness, keeping us physically and mentally sound; so that the New Year ushers in a wealth of peace, joy and love in all our lives.

When prayers are done in a satsang, with Nama, it becomes a celebration, a grand celebration indeed!

So, after all, this event is a celebration.  A celebration of brotherhood, love and amity as we welcome the New Year!

Friends that love to celebrate arrive from in and around Texas and different parts of the country travel to Houston Namadwaar to attend the seven day program!  And our friends and brothers from other temples in and around Houston will also honor us by their presence and participation.

Click here to download the event poster

Event Schedule

Any guesses on the program schedule?  Ok! Here it is! The official program schedule is out!

Download the official event schedule

Online contests

And what is a Utsav if there is no fun! Our Houston-Namadwaar website will host some online fun puzzles and games every other day, as we approach the Saptaham!  Participate and win in them and grab your prizes : Remember, you have to be an early, smart and consistent bird here!

Today’s Puzzle

Today’s puzzle is about the event schedule!  In the schedule published above, a few event-names are encrypted.  The puzzle of the day is to guess the events from their Name!  After all, its all about the Name, ain’t it?

Post your guesses on the event-names as comments down below and get your prizes!

And more…

There is more to come.  A blog by our satsang members, a near real-time, live news-coverage of the event and much more surprises are awaiting you on the site.  So keep checking in often!