Dallas Namadwaar

Radhe Radhe!  Humble Pranams!

The Need

By the benign grace of the Lord and our Guru Maharaj, we have procured a Namadwaar in Garland, TX.  The inaguuration of the Namadwaar Dallas was performed by Sri Ramanujamji on the auspicious occasion of Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu Jayanti day on March 1st, 2018.

Though we have been successfully able to establish the Namadwaar, our task is only half complete.  We are grateful to all our lenders who have provided loans to us for the timely completion of the purchase.  And in addition to maintaining our Namadwaar, we have the responsibility of paying back the loans in a timely manner.   In addition to this is  the upcoming projects in the pipeline that are aimed at enhancing the exisiting structure for better use.  We are in need of $300,000 to repay our loans.  Your generous donation at this time will go towards loan repayments as well as property maintenance.

How can you help?

Please remember that, at your workplace, if your employer offers employee matching contributions, we will be glad to help you register our organization for the same. This holds good for both donations and volunteer hours.  We are already registered with major firms like Microsoft, Bank of America, Verizon, Thomson Reuters, United Healthcare, HP, Dell, Chase etc.  Please email dallas@godivinity.org for more information.

1. One-time Donation

Any dollar amount is a significant contribution. And your every penny is valuable and counts.  You may use credit-card / Paypal to donate.  If you wish to send a check, please write it in favor of “Global Organization for Divinity” and mail to: Zivan Ezhil, 14351 Strawflowers Drive, Frisco, TX 75035


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2. Monthly Donation

You may donate a sum in regular monthly installments that will be used towards maintenance costs. There are various expenses incurred monthly like –

  • Mortgage
  • Electricity
  • Phone / Internet
  • Water
  • Insurance
  • Cleaning

For the Sanctum

  • Flowers
  • Lamp / Ghee
  • Deities Clothes
  • Prasadam

You may choose to sponsor one or more of these.

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G.O.D. is a 501(c)(3) federally tax-exempt non-profit organization. [Fed Tax ID: 20-8426563]. All donations made to G.O.D. are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

Please help us spread this information to your friends and families.

Irrespective of your donation, we offer our sincere gratitude to you for considering the appeal. Should you have any specific prayer in mind, we will be happy to pray for you.  Kindly email us at dallas@godivinity.org with your prayers.


To learn more about us and the various activities in the past, visit

Dallas GOD Satsang Facebook page
Global Organization for Divinity Facebook page


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