Medical Center Project

Thank you for your interest in G.O.D.’s initiative to support Sri Sandeepani Gurukula Trust (India)’s Medical Center Project.

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How To Contribute?

G.O.D. supports SSGT for education and medical related projects like this one in Govindapuram and the medical center in Maharanyam village.

G.O.D. is a 501(c)(3) federally tax-exempt non-profit organization. [Fed Tax ID: 20-8426563]. All donations made to G.O.D. are tax deductible to the extent allowed by law.

To donate online, click here.

To donate via check, make your check payable to “Global Organization for Divinity”. Checks can be handed to your local G.O.D. representative or mailed to Global Organization for Divinity, 3363 Bel Mira Way, San Jose, CA 95135.

To contribute directly in India, make checks payable to “Sri Sandeepani Gurukula Trust”. Ph: +91 44 24895875. Email: for specific wire transfer instructions. Contributions made to SSGT are tax exempt under section 80G for Indian residents.

For more information: 1 (830) 4 GOD USA,

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