Janmashtami Celebration in Namadwaar Dallas Tx

Dallas GOD chapter celebrated Janmashtami on Sept 1 & 2 in a grandeur. The celebration started on Saturday with Srimad Bhagavata parayanam – Dasama Skandam(Canto 10) by around 50 to 60 people in Namadwaar as an offering to the Lordship by Sri Swamiji’s grace.

The next day, we had Krishna Jananam parayanam followed by pooja and Nandotsavam with Anukaranam inside the Namdwaar amidst the rendition of the compositions of Sri Swami ji by a group of kids and adults. This was followed by Hari katha by Plano GK kids.

Later there were dance performances by Nalinam dance School and Ragamayuri Kalashetra. Then came the fun part for kids – the game session! Uri adi(breaking the butter pot), lemon and spoon race and reverse walk. A beautiful birthday cake was cut by kids and the celebration came to a complete with harathi and mass prayer with Mahamantra chanting. Around 150 devotees participated in the celebration. Mahaprasad was served.

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