Janmashtami 2023 across the US

Namadwaar, Atlanta:
Atlanta Namadwaar celebrated Janmashtami on Sep 6th. The celebration commenced with Thirumanjanam for the divine couple, Sri Madhuri Sakhi Sametha Sri Premikavaradha Takurji amidst the chanting of the Mahamantra by the devotees. Devotees also offered various Madhurageetham glorifying Lord Krishna. Thirumanjanam was followed by Nandothsavam. Kids and adults gathered to do the anukaranam / enactment of the birth of Sri Lord Krishna which was supported by the soulful rendition of various Madhurageetham by Smt. Gayathi Vasanth ji. Idol of baby Sri Krishna was seated in a beautifully decorated cradle. Devotees gathered around the cradle, chanted Nama offered Madhurageetham and danced joyfully for the pleasure of the Lord. Smt Jeya Kishore offered Hari Katha and spoke about the glories of the Lord. Pushpavarsham was offered to the Lord followed by Harathi and Dolotsavam.

Over 100 devotees including kids attended the celebration and sought blessings of Sri Madhurisakhi Sametha Sri Premikavaradha Takurji and Sri Swamiji. Fun activities like URI – ADI were organized for the kids and dinner prasadham was served to all the devotees.

Namadwaar, Seattle:
We had 6-hour Akhandanama at the Namadwaar, followed by Abhishekam for the Yugalam, Krishna janana Paraynam from Srimad Bhagavatham and Divyanaamam. Seeru and 51 item Chappan bhog was offered to Sri Guruji and Yugalam on this auspicious occasion. No pictures or videos were taken as per the directive.

Namadwaar, Houston:
The week leading up to Janmashtami, Bhagavata Saptaham was conducted. Everyday, at least 10 devotees participated in the chanting of Slimed Bhagavata Saptaham.
Janmashtami was conducted over three days, Sept 2nd – 4th. On September 2, special Janmashtami Darshan and Bhajan were conducted. Bhagavata saptaham was concluded. The highlight was the set up of the prison depicting the birth of Lord Krishna in jail. On Sept 3rd, Brindavana Leela and Vana Bhojanam were the highlights. In the evening, special Jhula seva was conducted followed by nritya Nikunjotsavam was performed by Houston area up and coming dancers.

Bay Area:
By the immense grace and compassion of Sri Swamiji, GOD Bay Area Chapter commemorated Sri Krishna Jayanthi Utsavam  from September 6th to 10th. On Wednesday, September 6th, 2023, Sri Krishna Jananam satsang was held from 7:30pm onwards. The satsang commenced with Mahamantra chanting for about two hours, followed by Dasamaskandam parayanam of the first three chapters from Srimad Bhagavatam. This was followed by rendition of Sri Madhurageethams on Sri Krishna Jananam and Nandotsav. Satsang concluded with prayers and harathi.

Close to 125 devotees participated in the Sri Krishna Janmashtami and received the blessings of the Lordships.

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