Special Home Satsangs – Namasankirtan and Radha Kalyanam by Namadwaar, Atlanta

With the grace of Sri Swamiji, many families hosted Nama Biksha in the month of August. The prayer requests ranged from wellbeing of families, special prayers for kids returning to schools – colleges, birthdays and safe delivery for an expectant mother. Every Nama Biksha offering was unique and blissful. The Atlanta Namadwaar Bhagawathas and the devotees offering Nama with utmost devotion and enthusiasm. Around 4 hours of Nama was chanted this month and over 150 people attended in total

Atlanta Namadwaar devotees celebrated Sri Radha Kalyanam at 2 private residences this month. On both occasions Kalyana Ashtapathi, Madhurageetham were offered along with the scared chanting of mantras and Bhajans for the pleasure of Sri Madhurisakhi Sametha Sri Premika Vardha Takurji. The melodious singing, harmonizing instruments and the joyous dancing by the devotees were a treat to the heart and soul. A special garland made with bangles were offered to the Lordships. During the “Yamunai Karaiyal Radheyum Kannanum” Madhurageetham offering, the hall was transformed into beautiful night sky with moon and thousands of glittering stars. The rendition of the Madhurageetham and unique spectacle caught everybody by surprise. Over 100 people attended both the events.


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