GOD Atlanta events around Metro Atlanta, GA

Devotees around Atlanta opened their hearts and homes to receive Sri Takurji’s and Sri Swamiji’s blessings for special celebrations like anniversaries, house warming ceremonies , birthdays in their homes. Radha Kalyanam, Nama Biksha, Nikunjotsavam were the key events this month.

12th Feb 2022 and 19th Feb 2022 : Grand Radha Kalyanam celebration in 2 private residences. The events had new families joining in the celebrations.

Nama Biksha : 13 new families received Sri Swamiji’s and Sri Takurji’s grace and blessings with Nama Biksha this month. Many guests who attended Nama Biksha have expressed interest to host Nama Biksha at their residences.

Nikunjotsavam : 25th Feb 2022 : Grand Nikunjotsavam was celebrated at a private residence. The program was filled with Madhuragitham and the highlight of the event was the beautiful Harikatha on Sri Dhruva Charitram delivered by 12 year old Balaram.

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