Nama Bhiksha and Radha Kalyanam – Home Satsangs by Namadwaar, Atlanta

Nama Biksha around Metro Atlanta:
Atlanta Namadwaar Bhaktas were invited for Nama Biksha hosted by 6 different families. Over 100 people participated and a total of 3 hours of Nama was chanted. As always each Nama Biksha is unique. While some are hosted to offer gratitude for prayers answered, some for the well being of families and sometimes as a prayer request. The chanting duration ranges from 30mins to 1 hour depending on the hosts’ request and convenience. Though the reasons vary, the events always reflect the enthusiasm and devotion of the Atlanta Satsang Bhagawathas towards Sri Swamiji. The chanting is accompanied by the beats of the Dholki, Mridangam, Cymbals and other musical instruments played mainly by the young Gopas and Gopis of Atlanta Namadwaar.

Nama Biksha events are further enriched with devotees sharing their blissful experiences in the form on Nama Mahima. These true experiences shared have motivated many to take up chanting. The simplicity of the Nama Biksha offering has been attracted many devotees. Haarthi to Sri Swamiji and Sri Premika Varadha Takurji is offered to conclude the event.

Events around Atlanta – Radhakalyanam
Atlanta Namadwaar Bhagawathas were invited to perform Radhakalyanam by 2 families in the month of September. Over 150 people attended both the events combined. Both the celebrations were unique in their own way. While one celebration was indoors, the other was hosted outdoors taking advantage of the beautiful weather. The celebration as always blissful and filled with positive energy and vibration. Devotees danced to their hearts’ content to the melodious rendition of Sampradhaya Bhajans and Madhurageetham during both events. Traditional wedding ceremonies were followed, and offerings were made with great love and attention to detail.

The celebration was further enhanced with short Kathas, and anecdotes presented by Smt. Jeya Kishore ji. She spoke about the disciple’s love for his Guru from Sri Marudhanallur Swamigal Charithram and presented the devotees with another short Katha on Yugalam Nithya Leela at Madhurapuri Dham. This was based on the Aho Madhuram series by Sri Ramanujam ji for the Kirthan – “Yugalam vasaathu Madhurapuri Dhamni”. Both these events saw great participation from many new enthusiastic families who felt enriched after attending the events.

Please click on the links below to catch a glimpse of the Kathas

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