Radhashtami across the US

Namadwaar, Atlanta:
By the immense grace of Sri Swamiji and Sri Premikavaradha Takruji and our beloved Mother Sri Radhai. Atlanta Namadwaar celebrated Sri Radhashtami on the 22nd of September.  The program commenced at 6.30 pm with Mahamantra chanting by the devotees. Lakshmi Ashtotharam was offered to the Divine Mother. To celebrate the descent to the divine Mother Sri Radhai, Smt Gayathri Vasanth ji offered “Radhai Pirandanalle” and bhaktas carried Baby Radhai to enact the divine descent and seated the Baby Radhai on a beautiful lotus shaped seat.

Madhurageetham glorifying the beautiful mother were offered. Around 50 people attended the celebration.


Namadwaar, Seattle:
We had Abhishekam for the Yugalam followed by Radha Kalyanam at the Namadwaar on the auspicious occasion of Radhashtami. Seeru and Kalyana Sapadu was offered.

The event was concluded with a beautiful dolotsavam!


Namadwaar, Houston:
Special Radhashtami celebration included Mehendi, Face Decor, Gopi and Gopa dress-up for children. Sri Radha Devi pada puja was conducted by children followed by Kolattam/Dandiya and Kirtan by children as well.

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