Radhashtami Celebration across states in the USA

Tampa, FL
By Sri Takurji and Guruji’s grace GOD Tampa Satsang celebrated *Sri Radhashtami on Sep 11, 2021* in a very grand manner. 30 people joined the celebration and got the blessings of our Takurji and Guruji and the satsang was held for 3 hours. Akanda nama sankirtan, Guru dhyaanam, Madhuragitams on Sri Radha Rani by Satsang Kids and Adults were offered at the lotus feet of Sri Takurji and Sri Guruji.







Virginia Namadwaar, VA
By the immense grace of Sri Swamiji and infinite mercy of Sri Madhuri Sakhi Sametha Sri Premika Varadha ThakurJi, Virginia Namadwaar celebrated the birth of Sri Radha Rani ‘Sri Radhashtami Celebrations’ on Monday September 13th. Satsang started with Akhanda Nama Sankirtan, followed by Sri Radha Kirtans from Sri Madhurageetham. Around 25 devotees participated and got the divine blessings from Sri Radha Rani.

Dallas Namadwaar, TX
By the immense grace of our Sri Madhuri Sakhi Sametha Premika Varadan and Sri Swamiji, GOD NAmadwAr Dallas celebrated Sri Radhashtami on a beautiful Saturday as part of extended weekly satsang. The celebrations started with Mahamantra chanting showering prayers and gratitude for our Sri Swamiji and the Eternal Divine Couple. Dallas Devotees ornamented our Sri Radha Rani with jewelries and garlands. GOD Dallas was sparkling with NAAMA while our Radha Rani was looking gorgeous and certainly happy as SHE could hear the Naama “Krishna” constantly! HER premai, the sublime love, and HER Devotion towards Krishna was permeating and gliding in all hearts of the devotees. One would certainly be able to relate to our Sri Swamiji’s Heart in HIS kirtan “Ovvoru aNuvilum premaiyudaiya Radhai ….” Sri Vishnu Sahasranamam, Sri Radhika Panchakam, and Gopika Geetham from Srimad Bhagavatham Sri Swamiji’s Madhurageethams were offered at the lotus feet of the Divine Couple as part of the celebrations. The Satsang concluded by chanting Sri Radha Devi’s Ashtothram offering flowers at HER lotus feet followed by NAmA anthem and HArathi. About 10 Families participated in the celebrations at NAmadwAr Dallas and few devotees participated via zoom. Our Immense Gratitude to our Sri Swamiji for blessing us with yet another divine day. Prayers to our Sri Swamiji for more and more Satsangs and divine celebrations.

Houston Namadwaar, TX
On September 10th, the Auspicious day of Radhashtami was celebrated. Radha Devi’s footprints were brought out for this special occasion. A grand Radha Kalyanam was held on the same day. 12 devotees attended the satsang and sang kirtans.

Atlanta Namadwaar, GA
By the grace and blessings of Sri Swamiji, Atlanta Namadwaar organized a grand Radhashtami celebration. The event was held at Namadwaar adhering to strict Covid protocols. Namadwaar was transformed into beautiful garden by the dedicated team of Bhagawathas. Our deloved Madhurisakhi Sametha Sri Premika Varadha Takurji were seated in a beautifully decorated swan for Theppotsavam. The evening was filled with beautiful Yugal Kirtans. The Bhagawathas were also treated with a special 10 minutes of Radha Nama in various modulations as part of Madhurageetham “Vinnil Therigindradhu Radha Namam….Mannil Manakkindradhu Radha Namam…” led by Sri Salem Sriram ji. The celebrations also included 100 Madhurageethams on Sri Radhai offered at Namadwaar by enthusiastic adults and kids.

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