Sri Rama Navami Celebration with Sundara Kanda Parayanam in Dallas Namadwaar

Rama Navami was celebrated grandly in Dallas Namadwaar on March 24 & 25. A special Sundarakanda Parayanam was conducted with 68 devotees doing Parayanam of the 68 chapters in Sundarakandam over a period of 2 days. Each devotee was given a special Anjaneya picture to do Puja and Neivedyam after every chapter.

Parayanam of Sundara Kandam – the jewel of Ramayana, is sweet but when one understands what one is reading, the Parayanam becomes even sweeter and more enjoyable. So, on the second day, a devotee shared a short summary before starting the Parayanam of each chapter.

The blissful weekend concluded with Rama Pattabhishekam and a special Arathi and Mahamantra Kirtan!

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