2021 Bay Area Gopa Kuteeram Summer Camp – Online

Gopa Kuteeram Bay Area is excited to bring Online Gopa Kuteeram Summer Camp this summer 2021. It will be a 5 week summer camp between Jun 15, 2021 – Jul 16, 2021. This year we will have the following sessions:

  1. Sloka – Register here
    1. Guru ashtakam and Thotakashtam
    2. For ages 5 and above
    3. Tuesdays at 1.30 pm
  2. Stories from Scriptures –Register here
    1. Brindavan Leelas of Lord Krishna from Srimad Bhagavatham
    2. For ages 5 and above
    3. Wednesdays at 1.30 pm
  3. Traditional Treasures – Register here
    1. Theme: Spiritual Geography
    2. We will cover places of significance like Pancha Bhootha sthala (temples based on 5 elements), Divyadesams, Jyotirlingas, Devi temples, etc
    3. For ages 11 and above
    4. Interested younger kids, please contact coordinator
    5. Thursdays at 1.30 pm
  4. Bhajans – Register here
    1. Compositions of Mahatmas like Meera Bai, Surdas, Abhangs of Pandarpur devotees, etc
    2. For ages 8 and above
    3. Interested younger kids, please reach out to coordinator
    4. Fridays at 3.30 pm

Feedback from a student’s parent who attended last year:

“Radhe Radhe!

Last year, both my children attended the Bay Area Gopakuteeram’s summer camp sessions (Sloka, Sampradaya bhajans and Hari katha). It was a great experience for both the kids and me as a parent.

They learnt Aditya Hrudayam and small bhajans in the Sloka camp. All of us were introduced to the lives of the Great Mahatmas like Sri Bodendral, Sadguru Swamigal and Sridara Ayyaval through the Hari Katha camp.

The Sampradaya Bhajan padhathi compiled by the above Mahatmas were taught so beautifully in the Sampradaya bhajans camp.

Overall, it was a wonderful divine experience for the kids as well as the whole family. Radhe Radhe!”

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