A Birthday Poem for Sri Guruji

A Birthday Poem for Sri Guruji

Dear Guruji,

When it’s our birthday, you make us celebrate it joyfully
You make us cut a cake and eat sweets
You get us new clothes and have us go out to eat
You make us play games and do the things we like
And shower your blessings on us in ways numerous

But when it is Your birthday,
The day that should really matter more to me
I am at a loss on what I can offer you
What do you value? What would you like?
What is it that will bring to your sweet face a smile?

I would like to offer you the Shraddha that you hold in high esteem…
But all I possess is only ashraddha!

I think of presenting you the bhakti that moves you so…
But searching high and low, I find I have not a genuine ounce to give!

I wonder if perhaps I can offer you what you hold most dear, the Mahamantra
But all the ashraddha I possess does not let it last long on my lips!

Finding nothing else I can offer, I want to give myself in surrender to You…
But I have sold myself to the world! How then can I surrender to You?

As I wonder thus, Your divine Grace brings a thought to this impure mind
I cannot offer what I do not have; but why don’t I offer what I do have? –
The ashraddha I possess, the pretence of my bhakti,
The lackluster Mahamantra on my lips,
The mind that is soggy and oozing with worldliness,
And also the pride that I boldly, openly offer all of this!

I have no other option, no other way
This is all I have; so it is all I can give
Please accept it all, and transform each of it with your Midas touch
Into its true, golden form
Then, on this special day, be pleased with Your own immense compassion
And bless me with that gracious, divine Smile.

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