Faith is the Key – Message from Kalpatharu Day Mahamantra Mass Prayer 2022

Annually since 2007, Sri Swamiji has been conducting a ‘Kalpatharu day Mahamantra Mass prayer’ on Jan 1, where he gives a beautiful inspiring message for the year and urges all to chant the Divine Name.

This year 2022, the mass prayer was held online and Sri Swamiji gave a wonderfully apt message about the importance of Faith. A few key points from the talk are presented below.

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Faith is the Key

In this year’s mass prayer, Sri Swamiji started with explaining how everything in the world, including Bhagavan, is bound by Time. Referring to Kunti and Pandavas’ sufferings in their life, Bheeshma, in Srimad Bhagavatam, says “sarvam kAlakrutam manyE” – this means that everything is bound by time. In spite of having both virtuous qualities and even Sri Krishna on their side, they had to endure numerous hardships. However, when one makes a heartfelt prayer with faith, Bhagavan bestow His blessings beyond the clutches of time.

To assert this point, Sri Swamiji beautifully explained how He protected Draupadi as she called out “Govindawith so much belief in Him when she was humiliated in the court. Such a belief should come to us when we are in deep trouble. During times of difficulty, we need to hold on to Bhagavan tightly. To receive Bhagavan’s blessings, we need to believe in Him and call out His name.

Oftentimes, however, a question arises, “How does chanting His name fulfill one’s worldly needs?” Self-doubts and thoughts like, “I can’t”, “It is impossible”, or “It is not suitable for me” trigger in one’s mind repeatedly. If one desires to overcome these thoughts, Sri Swamiji suggested repeating positive sentences like the following:

“No name, No fame, No self-interest Only Krishna”
“No name, No fame, No self-interest, Only God”

Making good sentences and repeating them aloud will turn into positive thoughts; these thoughts will manifest into actions and will eventually become their inherent nature. Words are powerful, and positive motivation is key to overcome any self-doubt. 

Every life form wakes up daily with the belief that their day will be good. As a result, the life of every person is based on faith. But a natural question occurs to us:

“On whom should we place this faith?”

If we place our faith on someone who is transient, we will wonder how to trust them. So, it has to be someone who will remain forever and be our well-wisher. That person should also be very merciful and must be willing and capable of doing anything for us. We should be able to share anything with that person freely, knowing that it will be kept as a secret and not be divulged to anyone. That person should attain happiness by seeing us happy and should immensely be pleased upon our surrender. If you call that person’s name briefly, it should instill joy in them.

The only person possessing all these qualities is none other than Bhagavan Himself. 

“How do we make Him happy?”

“By chanting Nama,” Sri Swamiji emphasizes.

Hare Rama Hare Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare |
Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare || 

Chanting His name relentlessly is enough to keep Him happy and to have the entire universe become conducive and favorable to you. Chant His name with faith and happiness, and think to yourself that it is a blessing (bhagyam) to chant.

Chanting without faith will also bear fruit, but it will take longer and be less fruitful. Chanting with faith provides the fruits not only immediately but also in full. If you don’t have that faith, pray to Bhagavan Himself to instill the ‘faith in Him’.

“Where do we pray?”

Sri Swamiji says that GOD is not in a temple, Vaikunta, Ksheerabdhi, or in the photo frame in our pooja room. GOD is in our faith. He is present wherever you are calling Him with faith.

If we encounter some difficulty while walking down a street, do we run to a temple to make a prayer? No – we call out His name from wherever we are, right? Instantly Bhagavan, in some form and means, sends help.

So, Bhagavan is everywhere. He is all-pervading and omnipresent.

In whatever language you call Him, He will know. He understands your mind. There is no need to think if you are “eligible” for His blessings as only faith and heartfelt prayer is required.  

During testing times like now (COVID), everyone, with conviction, must make a prayer for this pandemic situation to end. Chanting nama is the medicine for protection and for helping the world to return to normalcy. We should be fearless and not allow others to scare us. At this juncture, our prayer for all the front-line workers is a way of expressing our gratitude. Bhagavan is already there where selfless service is done. For 2022, let us continue to do the only thing we know, prayer.

“How do we pray?”

Simply converse freely with Bhagavan about your feelings. Pray that He pulls you towards Him from distractions, akin to how a magnet draws iron towards it. Ask for faith in Him and faith in His Name. Ask for it repeatedly through heartfelt prayer and not as mere information to him.

Sri Swamiji concluded the mass prayer with his blessing message stating, “The year 2022 will be an all-round exceptional year – I feel it as an intuition. In this year, lots of good things will happen to our country. India will reach greater heights in all fields. India will be among the Top 10 countries in the world. The new year will not be just another year but will mark the beginning of a golden era for all of us. 2022 will be a year that will make us all happy. This is my belief, and I will pray to Bhagavan for the same.”

Excerpts from Sri Swamiji’s Discourse during the online Mahamantra Mass Prayer held on Kalpatharu Day – January 1st, 2022
Translated and compiled by Raman Veezhinathan, Virginia


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