Kid’s Quiz – Hampi

This month’s quiz is based on the ancient village Hampi, an abode of carvings and rocks and is located in Karnataka, India.



1. Name the river that surrounds Hampi.
a. Ganga
b. Yamuna
c. Tungabhadra

2. Name the Indian kingdom for which Hampi was the former capital.
a. Pallava
b. Vijayanagar
c. Maurya

3. Virupaksha temple is one of the most famous temples in Hampi. Name the
presiding deity in the temple.
a. Lord Ganesha
b. Lord Shiva
c. Lord Krishna

4. In which century was Virupaksha temple built?
a. Fifth
b. Sixth
c. Seventh

5. Who is the consort of the Lord in Virupaksha temple?
a. Saraswathi
b. Pampadevi
c. Tripurasundari

6. Hampi is believed to be the ______________________ , the ancient kingdom of
Vanaras in the Indian epic Ramayana.
a. Pampakshetra of Kishkinda
b. Ayodhya
c. Panchavati

7. Name the type of architecture that is evidently seen in the Virupaksha temple.
a. Dravidian
b. Hoyasala
c. Kalinga

8. What is the other name for Virupaksha temple?
a. Chennakesava temple
b. Pampapati temple
c. Hoysaleswara temple

9. How many towers are there in Virupaksha temple?
a. Three
b. Five
c. Six

10. Name the largest tower in Virupaksha temple.
a. Northern
b. Southern
c. Eastern

11. How many tiers are there in the eastern tower of Virupaksha temple?
a. Five
b. Seven
c. Nine

12. Name the main festival that is celebrated in a grand manner at Virupaksha temple
every year.
a. Theppotsav (Boat festival)
b. Rathothsav (Chariot festival)
c. Vasanthothasav (Spring festival)

13. In which month is this main festival generally celebrated?
a. February
b. May
C. September

14. Name the other important temple in Hampi which is considered to be among the more ornate of Vijayanagara temples.
a. Udupi Krishna
b. Chennakesava temple
c. Vittala temple

15. The _____________________ in the Vittala Temple is very popular.
a. Stone Chariot (Ratha)
b. Pond (Theertham)
c. Tower (Vimana)

16. The stone wheels in the chariot at the Vittala temple are shaped in the form of a
a. Lotus
b. Peacock
c. Horse

Compiled by Ramya Srinivasan, San Jose CA

1 – c, 2 – b, 3 – b, 4 – c, 5 – b, 6 – a, 7 – a, 8 – b, 9 – a, 10 – c, 11 – c, 12 – b, 13 – a, 14 – c, 15 – a,
16 – a

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