Krishna and the Demons – Crossword Puzzle















Krishna faced many demons during His avatara. The lucky ones who died in His hands were Liberated, while other unfortunate ones were not. Let’s test your knowledge about the names of some of these demons.


1 He was the ruler of Magadha and Kamsa’s father-in-law

5 She came to Brindavan to kill babies

8 This demon took the form of a handcart

9 The son of King Bali who had 1000 arms

10 He came as a huge bull with sharp horns

11 The horse demon who came to Brindavan

12 Lord Krishna’s uncle

13 The demon who joined Lord Krishna and Balarama in a game of jumping and tried to carry away Balarama



2 The demon who came to Brindavan disguised as a giant python

3 He lived in Talavana forest in the form of a donkey

4 He disguised himself as a cowherd boy and joined the hide-and-seek game with Krishna and Balarama, and abducted the cowherd boys

6 He came in the form of a tornado

7 This demon was the son of Mother Earth


Compiled by Ramya Srinivasan, Bay Area, CA






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