Madhura Geetam – Prayer Series: 11

In this series, we present, each month, a prayer kirtan composed by His Holiness Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji. These kirtans underline the importance of prayers and show us how to pray.

Seek Devotion as Alms!

PrayerBhakti is the Lord’s prized possession. He does not bestow it to one easily. He may grant Vaikunta-His abode, liberation – the highest of the spiritual states or any of the innumerable worldly or spiritual desires but not Bhakti.

At the same time, Bhakti is not something that can be learned or earned. One can do Bhakti to the Lord only by the grace of the Lord. “Avan aruLale avan thAl vaNangi” – one can worship Him only by His grace, says Sri Manikavachagar in Tiruvachagam. Therefore Sri Swamiji says, it is essential to pray incessantly to the Lord for Bhakti and not for anything else.

In the deeply moving kirtan, “Bhakti Bhikshai”, set in Ahiri raga, Sri Swamiji shows us how to plead to the Lord for Bhakti.

Bhakti Bhikshai Ittiduvai Kanna

Raga: Ahiri
bhakti bhIkshai IttiDuvAi kannA
mukti nalgiDum bhakti bhIkshai

achyuthA ananthA govindA enDru – un
kOvilin vAsalil kUviDum enakku

tuchcham ena ennai taLLi viDade
pachchAtApatuDan pArtiDuvAye
kUchatai viTTu kUviDuven nAne
nichayamAi veru gatiyillai enakku

Oh Krishna! I beseech Thee to bestow upon me, devotion as alms
That (devotion) benefaction which can award liberation!

Oh Achyuta Ananta Govinda!
I stand at the doors of your temple and call out Your Names.

Please don’t cast me aside in disgust,
Kindly look at me with pity!
I am crying Your Name out loudly and unabashedly
I have no other refuge other than You!

Sowmya Balasubramanian, Fremont CA

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