Madhura Geetam – Prayer Series: 14

In this series, we present, each month, a prayer kirtan composed by His Holiness Maharanyam Sri Sri Muralidhara Swamiji. These kirtans underline the importance of prayers and show us how to pray.

When I fall down, O Mother! Come and lift me up!

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa speaks about two predominant paths in spirituality. One is called the “Markata” path and the other is called “Marjara” path.

“Markata” means monkey in Sanskrit. If you have seen a troop of monkeys with their young ones, you would have noticed that it is the young one that is holding on to its mother. The mother may climb trees, jump from one branch to another, swing on the branch and all the while, the young one holds onto its mother tightly. If it takes its hands off even for a moment, it knows it will fall down instantly. Devotees who try to reach the Lord with their own efforts are like the young monkeys.

PrayerThe other path is known as “Marjara” path. Marjara, in Sanskrit, means cat. A kitten that hasn’t opened its eyes yet, is helpless and knows nothing about food, shelter, safety, etc. All it knows is to call out to its mother if it is in distress. The mother cat comes and checks what the kitten needs and makes arrangements for it. If it is too cold, the cat may take the kitten to a warmer place or feed it if hungry.  Devotees who completely surrender themselves to the Lord are like the kittens. In times of distress, all they know is to call out the names of the Lord. They are happy with wherever the Lord places them. The Lord, in turn takes complete responsibility of that devotee.

Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa spoke highly of the Marjara path of devotion and he too, saw Goddess Kali as his Mother and completely surrendered unto her. Unto the Divine Mother Sri Radha Devi, our Swamiji sings this beautiful kirtan, “Sarukki vizhum samayangal” set in Shanmukhapriya Raga, in a similar bhava (spiritual mood). The lyrics and the meaning of the song are presented here.

Sarukki Vizhum Samayangal

Ragam: Shanmughapriya

sarukki vizhum samayangal en vAzhvil
vAikAmal irukka marukkAmal aruLvAi

Asai mEliTTu arivai izhandhu – nAn
kUsiDum seigaigaL seiyyAdirukka vENDum

paLLAtthil vizha irukkum kuzhandayai pArtthum
pArAdiruppALO endha thAyum
mAyai enum paLLatthai nAn nerungiDum pOdhellAm
rAdhE! nI ennai thUkki aNaittiduvAi

Situations where I may slip and fail in life,
By your grace, I should not find myself in, O Mother!

Driven by desire, losing my power of discretion –
I must not indulge in despicable acts

Beholding a child about to fall into a chasm,
Will the mother pretend to overlook it?
Whenever I go near the chasm called Maya
O Mother Radhe! Please gather me in your arms

Radhashtami, the day when Radha Devi descended on Earth was celebrated on Sep 9 this year.

Sowmya Balasubramanian, Fremont CA

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