Many Lives, Many Masters —by Dr. Brian Weiss

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Publisher: Simon & Schuster
First Edition: 1988

Many lives, Many mastersThis riveting book, a New York Times bestseller, by renowned and accomplished psychiatrist, Dr. Brian Weiss, details the true story of his stumbling upon evidence that every soul goes through numerous births.

By no means is Dr. Weiss’ research in this field of ‘reincarnation’ the first in the western world, but the difference is that he had no intention of researching such phenomenon (and was even a skeptic), but he happened to ‘chance’ upon it.

The book reads like a fast-paced thriller and amazes the reader as it unravels the story of the doctor’s patient, Catherine, who unexpectedly begins to relive past life experiences while under hypnosis. She speaks, over many months, about 10 or 12 different lives; and mentions that she has been through 86 lives.  And interestingly, reliving those experiences helps her overcome several phobias and other psychological issues in her current birth.

In her regressed state and in between lives, Catherine also transmits messages from the ‘Masters’, who speak of karma and different astral planes, etc.

Dr. Weiss has since written several books on this theme and successfully ‘regressed’ a number of patients. And his discoveries validate what has been said in Indian shastras thousands of years ago. This book is definitely a must-read!

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