Nama Anubhava of a Devotee

His Grace and Nama together makes impossible to be spelt as I M Possible and this is no new thing to any of us. Koti Pranams to our Guru Maharaj and Thakurji for us to always be under his grace .
For the last few weeks, a family known to us had a family member visiting from India hospitalized and in serious condition. Due to financial constraints, they were unable to get him the life saving surgery he needed here in this country. In the mean time , the hospital bills were piling up and he was neither cleared to be medically fit to be discharged nor travel back to India to get the appropriate life saving surgery. The family was distraught and asked for prayers at the lotus feet of our Master through the Dallas GOD Satsang.
As the Navaham started on Sept 5 , Dallas GOD Satsang continued earnest prayers for the family every day. On Sept 12, on the eight day of the Navaham we were thrilled to hear that the hospital had cleared him to travel back to India and the airlines also had approved his journey. Yet they had one more hurdle to face. Doctors said there was a very good chance he would not survive the flight. The family once again approached Dallas GOD Satsang and made a heartfelt request. They asked for us to pray for him with Mahamantra during their flight.
By HIS divine grace their flight was supposed to start on Sunday September 13 at 7:30 pm just as we finished the ninth day of the Navaham and we all whole heartedly prayed for them through the flight’s descent in Chennai , India and were thrilled to hear he made it safe through the flight and is now admitted in a big hospital in Chennai where he will receive the surgery he needs.
When we have our Sri Sri Swamiji , Thakurji and Mahamantra – any problem can be overcome with HIS grace.                   

Sangeetha Chandrakantan, Dallas TX


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