Satsang at the residence of Sri.Siva in Coppell, Texas

By the immense grace of Sri Swamiji, Dallas GOD Chapter saw a wonderful beginning of the Madhura Utsav 2012 on Tuesday, November 20th at the residence of Sri.Siva and Mrs.Jeya in Coppell,Texas. He began with a light introduction to Bhagavatha Dharma by comparing Indian and American wisdom and then elucidated the four Purusharthas – “Dharma, Artha, Kama and Moksha” in detail. When he was expounding on Moksha, he shared an anecdote which was enjoyed by everyone. In South India, during Utsav times the Utsav deities were decorated with various clothes and on the tenth day of the Utsav, those clothes were thrown at devotees and those who got it, attained moksha and it turns out that every Utsav, nobody showed up on the tenth day. This made the grandparents sitting behind burst into laughter. When asked to choose between two paths namely “To God” and “Lectures about God”, people would choose the second one as one would always like to check out God not check in God.
People of all ages could not agree more when he said, ” Bakthi is listening to Lord Krishna’s glories without any distraction”, this is a simple and a most important step in one’s spiritual journey. One can develop universal love and harmony only when he has unconditional love to Lord Krishna.

Sri Ramanujamji’s simple yet effective messages from Srimad Bhagavatham made it clear that Bhagavatha Dharma is for everyone. It does not impose any rules and urges everyone to be one with Lord Krishna. It could be through listening to lord Krishna’s divine glories and the association of the self with like minded devotees. Sri Ramanujamji exhorted everyone not to question that which cannot be fathomed and to let the heart beat in tune with love and happiness for Lord Krishna.
Chanting the divine names and listening to the divine glories of the lord Krishna are the easiest and most powerful ways to attain the lord. Sri Ramanujamji then requested everyone to chant the Mahamantra for eleven times, enjoying each name for its sweetness. Devotees sitting all over the room and those who were sitting along the corridors and some standing in the kitchen started chanting, and with each time the intensity and joy increased. The transcendental nature of Mahamantra was witnessed then and there. The satsang concluded with everyone praying to Sri Swamiji to bless them with more Katha Shravana and Nama in the years to come.

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